Albuquerque from the Tramway, atop Sandia Mountain, New Mexico, USA
by Eric Lee Smith

Use of Our Content

This policy is valid from 1 March 2019

Last Update 3 July 2019


Our content, both text and photographs, are copyrighted and owned by me, Alonna Farel Smith, 2019. See our copyright page for details.

Your Use of Our Content

Recipes and food photographs are not atomic secrets (which we have plenty of here in New Mexico!) but they are important to us and we want to own them and protect them. That said, we want you to be able to use our images and content as long as you link back to us and don’t claim ownership. Here’s how it works:

  1. You can use one photo from our recipe or article, usually theĀ  largest one (typically 900×600 or larger)
  2. Link each photo back to the recipe or article on our website from which it came
  3. For each photo, refer and link back to our recipe or article and to our home page. For example: “Easy, Enticing Chicken Biryani” by “MyIndianStove
  4. Don’t overshare our work, please limit your posts to five photos/recipes in a single post
  5. If you want to share more of our work, or in a different way, see the next paragraph

Let’s Talk!

If you would like to share our work in some other way or quantity, please contact us. Generally, we do not give permission to share a whole recipe with all its parts together: narrative + photos + ingredients + directions. But talk to us. Contact Alonna at alonna [at] myindianstove [dot] com.

If you’re a food blogger, then the above rules can be greatly relaxed. We look forward to having you guest post on our site, and us on yours. Let’s talk!