About the Beta Test

What is a “beta test”? It’s a look at a site, or program, that is nearly ready for prime time.

Who are our beta testers? Many of you know each other, you are all close friends and people who enjoy good food. You are also people who will level with us when we are on the wrong path or can make things better.

How This Will Work

It’s really pretty simple:

  1. You poke around the site, the password is “MarkTwain”, one word, uppercase M & T
  2. Send Alonna your comments (alonna@me.com)
  3. Try it on PC, tablet, & smartphone, if possible
  4. We will issue updates, you will receive notifications via email
  5. Beta will last four weeks
  6. We hope to launch on July 1

What We Need

Don’t be shy. Give us your true reactions. Don’t worry about our feelings, we are professionals and keep a creative distance from our work. Stuff we’re looking for:

  • Opinions about the content
  • Opinions about the Recipes specifically
  • Try the links, do they work, were they interesting?
  • If you try a recipe, let us know especially how it went, but please don’t feel you need to cook anything
  • Technical issues, there are several we know of, probably some we don’t

Thanks for Helping Us!

And we hope you have fun.

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